CDK Global is Eliminating Unencrypted Transmissions

CDK letter explaining the end of Telnet

I was glad to receive the following letter from CDK Global yesterday. Although CDK has taken other steps to protect sensitive data over the years, this is an essential move as is the future-planned move to HTTPS and SFTP.

Security Update: Eliminating Unencrypted Transmissions

Dear Valued Customer,

As we continue to improve security, we’re eliminating unencrypted transmission to and from the DMS. As a next step, we’ll be moving from the Telnet protocol to Secure Shell (SSH). We’ll soon be rolling out updates to all DMS and PC clients to use SSH. And, starting January 1, CDK will begin disabling Telnet for inbound transmissions to the DMS.

How this change will impact your dealership

This change will have no visible impact on dealers that only use CDK software and applications. CDK-certified partner applications will be compliant with the change from Telnet to SSH. However, non-CDK software that interfaces with the DMS may be affected. This includes scripting via terminal emulators such as Reflection, which CDK no longer supports. As a reminder, CDK only supports the use of BlueZone terminal emulator, which is included as a component in our software package.

Look for future communications about eliminating other unencrypted data transmissions, including changes from HTTP to HTTPS, and from FTP to SFTP. As always, we strongly recommend keeping all of your CDK software updated to the most recent versions to ensure you have the latest features and security enhancements.

If you have concerns regarding the January 1, 2017 date for transition to SSH, please contact CDK Support. Thank you for your consideration of this matter as we work to implement more secure transmission methods.


CDK Global

With the new ETL tools added to Excel 2013 (and 2016), many CDK clients are enjoying the benefits of Business Intelligence (BI). These astute clients of CDK use their data from the DMS to improve the performance of their dealerships.

If your dealership has not made arrangements to move to CDK’s Dealer Data Access (DDA) (previously known as MDA or Managed Data Access), you really should. It is an awesome product for dealers who want to join the data revolution and manage their store using the many new self-service Business Intelligence tools.

If some of you are still using the unattended download features of the Reflections terminal emulator (TE), you will need to migrate to the now supported BlueZone TE (ADP Terminal Emulator For those of you that have Excel workbooks or Word documents that use Visual Basic for Applications to access the DMS there is the te_vba.msi installer. These are both available in the CDK Software Library on Drive.

I don’t believe that CDK has added the unattended download macro to BlueZone and if they don’t, you can still get at your data. If you need help with that let me know.

Author: John Donnelly

A professional in the automobile business.

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